Why we

Leader in the treatment of teeth.

We are 24/7 clinic which was founded in 2013. In the beginning we were offering only the dental procedures. After years of work and after the surveys we added also an aesthetic services. By now we are one of the leaders in Tbilisi and we are always ready to make your smile, your skin, your face – beautiful ☺

The clinic has implemented an integrated approach to treatment. This means that the doctor, when drawing up a treatment plan, takes into account the patient’s needs for aesthetic, functional and medical rehabilitation in order to ensure a long-term favorable prognosis and a high quality of life. To implement this strategy, several specialists are involved in the work with the patient: orthopedists, surgeons, orthodontists and therapists. Collaborative work guarantees a predictable result.

Why “Dream Dental & Aesthetic Group”?

  • The top level of sterilization and cleanness, which is systematically controlled by the professional epidemiologist.
  • The newest equipment, instruments with the highest quality of materials.
  • Professional doctors with many years of experience, attended different kinds of masterclasses, conferences in Georgia and abroad.
  • The constant monitoring of the new technologies, know-how’s and materials which are applied in our clinic.
  • Comfortable ambience, careful and thoughtful staff.
  • Reasonable prices with all kinds of credit cards accepted.
  • Central location and 24/7 service.


Quality control

Control of work is carried out at all stages of treatment by the quality control department, which allows you to ``manage`` the work of the clinic and daily increase the level of services provided.

Dentist consultation

Application of the latest technologies

Friendly staff

A culture of prevention

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